10 Travel Essentials for The Girl on the Go

Vacations are the best way to take off and get away from regular life, away from day to day stress and just relax. However, the packing beforehand can be stressful; trying to remember every little detail and male sure you don’t forget anything important. So I’ve compiled a list of my must-have items for your checked baggage to make any long-term flight more comfortable and to ensure that you have some of those important travel items at hand when you need them.



Blanket: so if you’ve flown long haul before then you know the little blankets on your seat that have a scratchy, slightly crusty, feel to them are pretty unpleasant so a big blanket scarf or an easy-to-pack blanket is a must have on a flight for me.

Neck pillow: sticking with the comfort theme here, again the pillows you get in-flight are thin and don’t offer much comfort so grab a good memory foam neck cushion and get some decent sleep on your flight so you’re rested and ready to explore when you land.

Skincare: Now I’m not saying to bring your full 10 step K-Beauty Skincare routine on-board but grab some little mini pots and fill them with your night cream and a mini serum and maybe an eye mask/ sheet mask from Sephora just to take off your make-up (which by this point may have been on your face for 14 hours or more) and keep your skin hydrated in the dry recycled air of the plane.

Water: Stay hydrated fam!

Vitamin C: I tend to take chew-able Vitamin C on the plane with me. Again, the recycled air and lots of people in close proximity with possible colds isn’t something you want to ruin your vacation so keep your immune system up by grabbing some Vit-C.

Music: I can’t sleep on flights, It’s not comfortable and try as I might, it’s never happened that I’ve managed to fall asleep on a plane journey. I like to make sure that my phone (set to airplane mode) is full of music so I can plug in and zone out.

A good book: long flights aren’t the most interesting thing, especially if it’s not a flight over the Arctic at night (I’ve done this before and sat in awe of the Northern Lights outside the plane window – holding my breath to keep my camera steady enough to get a photo) so take your favourite book with you to keep you occupied and who knows, you may just fall asleep reading it – bonus!

Eye mask: The aeroplane is never fully dark on a long haul flight, and you’ll possibly end up next to someone who is reading, so bring an eye mask if you plan on catching some sleep.

Snack: Flying form Heathrow is always the best for me because they have Pret-A-Manger (I miss that place so bad over here!) so I can grab a salad and a sandwich for the flight. Unless you’re travelling business or first class the food can be pretty unappetizing, especially if you have serious food sensitivities like I do, so grab a snack at the departure lounge/ Duty Free that you know you can eat and take that on-board with you.

Toothbrush and Deodorant: So you’ve been up for 12 hours before you board your flight and the flight is another 12 hours….these two are definitely essentials, lol!


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