Styling skirts in Winter

Every year, after a gloriously warm and sunny Summer, I feel sad packing away all my beautiful dresses and skirts to make room in my closet for jeans, trousers and sweaters. I miss my girlie skirts and dresses in Fall and Winter. But you don’t actually have to pack them in to the vacuum packs and put them in storage for the next 3 seasons, you just need to find different, more seasonally appropriate ways to wear those skirts. that’s where layering comes in to play.

Firstly, I would never have thought to wear a skirt this long and flowy in Winter/ Fall before because it looks very Summery but I’d also never thought to wear it with my favourite pair of ankle boots which, colour-wise, happen to match fairly well (I tried my black boots and it didn’t look good because of the soft pink shade of the skirt – black boots are too stark and contrasting against it and made the look harsh.) chunky heel boots like these give you a little bit of height but are still comfortable to walk around in all day… believe me, I do walk around in these boots all day and they’re so comfortable.

The Faux Fur vest, another piece that I probably would have walked straight past in the store before this Fall. I’ve never been one for faux-fr anything, let alone a vest of it BUT as an extra layering piece it works and it’s sort and cozy. I love the way it transforms this look in to something that’s fun and pretty but still Seasonally appropriate.

The colours in Autumn are just my cup of tea, reds, golds and I like to take outfit inspiration from those colours – like all the Burgundy… or maybe that’s just the wine! 🙂

Kicking through the crisp leaves like my 5 year old self in Hyde Park!

Twirling for days!

One quick thing to note is to go for soft, thin layers, anything too chunky over a floaty skirt can look heavy and too much.



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