How to wear Oversized sweaters for Fall & Winter

There is something so cozy about an over-sized sweater in the Fall and Winter. Surprisingly though, having just made that previous statement, I don’t own many over-sized sweaters. In fact, the one I’m wearing in these photos was knitted for me by my Mum, minus the Weasley Family letter on the front of it (10 points to Gryffindor if you got that one!) I always used to call this sweater my “sick day” sweater when I was a teenager because I was not fashionable at all when I was living back in my Hometown and I was embarrassed to wear this amazing sweater out because I was made fun of for it (probably because they were all jealous they didn’t have an epic knitted sweater like this… yup that’s what I’m gonna go with!) and so I always wore this sweater at home when I was off school sick with a cold because it was warm and cozy.

What I love now about oversized sweaters is the comfort of them and the fact that I don’t wear any other jeans (or faux-leather leggings) than skinny jeans so I need my sweaters to balance out that look: slim fit on the bottom and a loose, baggy sweater on the top. Balance.

Oversized sweaters are probably the easiest thing to throw on in The Fall and Winter Seasons as they’re just, essentially, comfortable sweaters. The key thing to remember is to balance them out, because they are so large and chunky, you need to make sure that what you are wearing on the bottom half is slimmer-fitting, oftentimes, flared or wide-leg style trousers and a large, loose-fitting sweater together will look like the outfit overwhelms your frame and looks just very baggy.

I always pair my look with a pair of over-the-knee boots, like these beauties from Amazon!

Who said you couldn’t look cute and stylish when the snow starts falling… maybe just opt for a pair of boots with major grip instead of the ones i’m wearing.

Happy Friday!! And Happy Black Friday Shopping everyone!

 xoxo Ellie


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