Change your life in 17 Seconds 

Recently I’ve become a big believer in The Law of Attraction. You get back physically what you put out there in energy. I’ve always struggled with feelings of negativity and Anxiety and low moods and recently have been thinking more and more that The Universe was clearly against me because everything seemed to be going wrong BUT it’s not the Universe, its the way I’ve been looking at the various situations. “The problem is not the problem, it’s your attitude towards the problem” in other words if you’re viewing things in a negative light even before anything has happened then most likely, the results won’t be positive.

So, with that in mind, Law of Attraction is all about positive energies and a positive mindset, you simply have to stop looking for negatives and stop saying ” I can’t do that” or “I’m not smart enough to have that” for me, for example, since grade 1 I’ve always said “I can’t do maths” actually I can, maybe not trigonometry or algebra but I can do maths since I generally never loose sight of where my finances are at any given time! But by constantly telling myself and everyone that “i cant do maths” I’ve bright that about and not have I struggled with it in the past.

One major part of Law of Attraction is Abraham Hicks’ concept of 17 seconds of Pure Thought (positive thought); holding that thought for 17 seconds and not contradicting yourself at all. For example if you really want to get that article you wrote published you would think about all the good emotions you would feel and imagine that happening for 17 seconds without allowing yourself to pick at it with any negativity like “but it probably won’t happen” or “you’re up against such and such” or even “you could have done better” etc… etc… push all the negative thoughts away and simply set a timer for 17 seconds and then another 17 seconds and then another and by doing this, you are setting in motion the manifestation of the thing you most want.

I’ve been doing this a lot of late and listening to a lot of podcasts and videos on the subject of Law of Attraction and with some of the things I’ve been dealing with it is certainly helping and the best thing is that even if you don’t see the thing you want suddenly appear or happen to you, you are in a positive mindset and that’s always better than a negative one. Good things come to those who are open to the possibilities and who see the good in everything.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!


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