The Cozy Winter Outfit I can’t get enough of!

It’s definitely fair to say that when it comes to Style, whatever the Season, I’m a bit of a creature of habit. Colour Palettes and silhouettes are fairly similar. It was really only last year that I started getting in to Over-The-Knee boots and ponchos and this year, the chillier weather has caused my new love of big, chunky sweaters with roll-necks. The biggest thing for me is not sacrificing my style and looking like The Michelin man in 50 layers of clothing so in Winter you may see me in outfits like this and wonder how I’m not freezing (one reason is that I tend not to feel the cold so much) I’m also wearing thermals underneath to keep warm and toasty. Now let me be clear that the second I see a snowflake or see a glittering sheen to the pavements these boots are coming off and my huge, great Winter boots with enormous grip on them are coming in to play but we’re not there yet.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

xoxo Ellie


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