Dealing with Challenging Situations

Life can be a great many things, it can be good, happy and fun but it can also present challenges, sometimes on a daily basis. The biggest thing that defines us (not to sound like a Pinterest version of a Fortune cookie here) is how we rise to those challenges to overcome them. You may often find yourself faced with obstacles; things go wrong that you were certain that you had all figured out or maybe you’re finding yourself dealing with someone else’s insecurities, jealousy or fear and it will most often manifest itself as anger or nastiness towards you. One thing to remember right out of the gate is that you don’t take this personally, this person’s negativity towards you is not a reflection of you but a reflection of themselves and their own insecurities. Maybe you have something that you are secure in having that they want and so they’ll do anything to step on you to make themselves look good so that they can have what you’ve got. Here are a few ways to deal with challenging situations.

Look at the big picture: What is the end goal and what needs to be achieved. Take yourself, mentally, out of what’s going on and look beyond the current situation. Survey it from a all different stand-points and see what will give the bets outcome over-all for everyone involved. Try to think objectively and not rush in to a snap decision.

Walk Away: If you’re dealing with someone unpleasant on a daily basis who is trying to make you feel miserable or uncomfortable then just walk away. If you are someone, like I am, who is chatty and likes to try to make people feel comfortable, at ease and diffuse situations with pleasantries and chat then stop. Be professional, don’t engage in any kind of chat that they could take and use against you and walk away from the situation calmly. Don’t go out of your way to try to fill awkward silence with someone who is being negative towards you, just walk away and keep yourself calm and centered. Don’t let it affect your mood, and your focus on what you need to be doing.

Be Positive: If someone is being negative towards you or trying to make you feel uncomfortable or nervous, simply smile and be positive. If you are always positive with a negative person then they have nowhere to go. They can see that their actions are not having the desired effect on you and by continuing to be positive around them, you take away their power over you.

Don’t over-react: Something has gone wrong, it may be bad but take a step back, breathe and look at all the ways to bring the situation down and get a positive outcome. The World is not going to end over whatever has happened and it’s more than likely that this is not going to loose you your job so just try to be calm and rational to find the best solution to the problem. Remember the quote: :”The Problem is not the Problem, the Problem is your Attitude towards the Problem.” Our imaginations can do a lot more harm when things go wrong because our minds will often go to the worst case-scenario ending and then you spiral in to even more negativity so take a few breaths to focus your energies where they need to be to solve the problem.

Use it as a learning experience or character building: Any kind of adversity will shape you in some way. Allow this situation to make you stronger and more adept and equipped to deal with things that may come up in the future. The more experience that you have problem-solving, the more valuable you are as an employee or even if you want to be your own Boss.

Happy Monday!
xoxo Ellie


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