Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

So 2017 is over and it was not a good year; from Terrorism to Appalling shows of Racism, Politics, to the unrelenting horror of Sexual Harassment that came after Weinstein. For me personally, It was a year that was fine, not great but not terrible either. There were some great things that happened Family-Wise and I have LOVED spending so much time down in Seattle in 2017 and I’m looking forward to much more of that in 2018 too. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the year is over and here’s looking towards a much brighter year and one where more voices are heard and hopefully respected as well.

Without making this post sound cliched and trite, this is a brand new Year; 365 days of uncharted waters and a chance to make right the things that we didn’t achieve in 2017. There are lessons that we must learn and take forward with us in to 2018 if we are going to succeed and make our lives better and happier and there are toxic and negative things that we must let go of in order to keep them from weighing us down and holding us in The Past. Let go of negative and toxic people and relationships, let go of misery and things that don’t serve you in any way this year.

Let go of comparisons, comparing yourself to anyone else’s successes has never made anyone more successful, it only breeds resentment and bitterness. Use others that you admire as inspiration not competition. Build Communities in your field not barriers.

Let go of the toxic relationships, I let go of a couple of those this past year and I don’t feel bad or upset, those were people who made me feel inferior or guilty for living my life the way that I do and that’s not something that anyone should have in their lives. Be with those who are supportive of your choices and your happiness and not those who seek to make you feel bad in any way. If someone cuts you off in business  and scams you out of your money then don’t feel bad about deleting that person from your life, for example. Don’t seek revenge either and don’t hold grudges, because that simply eats away at your own happiness, wish the person who did you wrong well in their life and move on. There are better things ahead.

Spend Less and Save More. The Economy isn’t amazing and things cost more these days so I’ve found that I’d rather have the experiences and the memories of great times with loved ones than I would pretty “things” and material items, Save for the big things in life that will create those lasting memories.

Stop Judging Others. Seriously, where is it getting you to belittle someone else over their Life Choices, Situation or Looks. Go Get a Hobby and do something useful with your time, Don’t be a Troll or a Bully.

Make The Most of The New Year!

xoxo Ellie


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