Make 2018 your most Positive Year Ever

How to stay positive

It’s that time of year again where we look to the future and ways to make sure we have the best year possible. It’s definitely easy to feel miserable and anxious in a World that seems to get more frightening and uncertain every day but, as many have said before, you can’t let fear control your life and happiness or you’ll have no Life at all and Life is too short to not be happy and do all the things you want to do. Whether you’re looking to build upon successes that you had last year or whether last year is one you’d rather put in the “bad box” at the back of your mind and never open again, here are a few ways to make sure that 2018 is your most positive and happy year so far.

How to have the best 2018

  1. Be Grateful: there are so many things in Life to be grateful for: health, Family, Friends, Income and ability to live comfortably. Look for just 3 things each day to be grateful for and you’ll start finding more and more to be grateful for. Even if your grateful list consists of “grateful to have someone to look after my pets so I can go on vacation” that’s a really good thing to be grateful for.

2. Network: meet new people with new ideas who will push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to thing about things in different ways so you can learn and grow and ultimately become more successful. Bonus; You’ll make new Friends too.

3. Don’t try to do everything for everyone: you will NEVER please everyone all of the time, it’s just not possible and you’ll just become more and more miserable and anxiety-ridden trying. Do things for you and focus on your own physical & mental health and work on the things that you’re good at that make you happy instead of worrying if what you’re doing pleases everyone else.

4. Spend less, save more: not to sound like a nag but spend less on “instant gratification” material things that you’ll likely get bored with after not too long and instead save for experiences that you’ve always wanted to do like that vacation to Tokyo to see the Cherry Blossoms or the cruise around the Caribbean that you’ve always wanted to do. Those experiences are better than the latest smartphone that’ll be replaced by a new (more expensive one) in 5 months time.

5. Get organized: “tidy space, tidy mind” it’s the age old saying but it’s true. Get your home and workspace organized and decluttered, donate things that are still good but you don’t use or need anymore and you’ll start feeling more productive in life. I know I get stressed out when my home is messy and cluttered and that means it’s time to organize and manage my living space better.

6. Manage your Time: I guess this can go hand in hand with point number 3 about not trying to do everything. It’s becoming more and more known that multi-tasking isn’t always  the best approach since it means dividing your attention through a multitude of things that often end up being half done or done to a mediocre standard. Focus your attention on one task at a time and make sure each one gets done to a high standard that you are proud of.

7. Don’t overlook Down-time: there’s a reason that good workplaces don’t like to pay you out for vacation time that you haven’t taken, they’d rather you took the time off. You cannot function well without downtime, we need it to recharge ourselves and bring ourselves some perspective and relaxation. We need sleep for that same reason to recharge our worn-out bodies and minds at the end of each day. Don’t underestimate the importance of switching off from the daily grind and just relaxing with loved ones.

8. Change your perspective: if the view and the routine that you’ve had for years is making you miserable every day then it’s time for a change. If the environment around you has become toxic and negative then you aren’t going to feel any happier by staying in that environment. Change your perspective and your horizons and find or create new opportunities for yourself where that toxicity and misery doesn’t exist anymore.

      What are you going to do right now to make 2018 your most successful and happy year ever? Let me know in the comments section.

Xoxo Ellie


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