Luxe style on a Budget

It’s easy to look through Pinterest for Style inspiration these days and see all these gorgeous outfits that are 100% wearable in everyday life but the entire outfit costs more than your monthly mortgage repayment or rent payment. And what about that one Woman in the office who always looks like she’s stepped out of the pages of InStyle magazine! But it’s also important to remember that Designer isn’t everything and all outfits and styles can be recreated affordably with a little imagination. There are a few ways to always look like your outfit is more luxe than it is and you get to wear your favourite style knowing that you got creative and saved your money too.

Neutral Colour Palette

Not a new one i’ll grant you but generally speaking a monochrome palette or all neutrals tends to look more “luxurious”. Stick to all grey tones or all black or all Nude/ blush/ cream tones in your outfit for an instant luxe look.


No wearing clothes that don’t fit you properly. I have the WORST time finding straight-up, simple black trousers. Even in the more expensive stores like Banana Republic, the pants aren’t made well, for the price-tag, so they sag and pull in to you in all the wrong places. A good tailor can help though, if you find a great pair of trousers and they are a little tight in the calf but baggy around the waist then take them to a tailor and they should be able to let them out in the right areas and take them in at the other areas.

One bold piece

There’s always a danger of your all neutral/ one palette outfit looking dull or boring so give it some life with one great statement piece like a fun bag like the one I’m wearing here which is from Aldo. This one statement piece will give a pop of color and interest to your outfit and keep it from looking “vanilla”.

Invest in good quality

At $169, this coat is more on the pricey end for me. But it’s a style I LOVE and I know that I’ll get a lot of wear out of it and it’ll be kept and maintained well. Whether it’s a Burberry coat or a classic Prada bag, if it’s something that you know you’ll wear all the time and you will take good care of over the years then save up and invest in that item. That one item will always make an entire outfit look great.

Less is More: keep it Simple

Accessorize but don’t overdo it. Remember the old Coco Chanel saying: as you leave your house “look in the mirror and take one item off” Less is more and it’s always more luxe to keep things simple.

Iron or Steam your clothes

I hate ironing! a lot of what I wear is clothing that doesn’t usually require ironing because of the fabric BUT if I am wearing something that will look wrinkly when it comes out of the dryer then it gets ironed (I promise it does Mum!) For the luxe look, all it takes is an iron to your freshly washed clothes, no money required there.

Don’t Forget the Skin (and nails)

Simple, natural make-up a sleek polished hairstyle (not like the messy ballet bun I’ve got my locks scraped in to right now) and no chipped nail polish/ crazy coloured nail polish. Keep it simple and natural, generally the best policy with the classic, timeless, Luxe outfits.

Hope you enjoyed this post, this is my style and once again, your style is your own and it’s all about how you wear it and feel comfortable, I’m only talking about one specific look in this post.

Happy Monday!
xoxo Ellie



  1. January 29, 2018 / 8:00 pm

    Gorgeous outfit! You look very sleek & put together. I liked your tips as well!

    • January 30, 2018 / 6:34 am

      Thanks so much Lauren! Glad you liked it!

  2. February 11, 2018 / 9:22 am

    These tips are super helpful! I have always wanted to achieve the luxe look, but I was struggling with the concept that I would have to fork out a dime to actually be able to do so… I’m loving the idea of wearing neutral colours! It gives me a reason to buy softer pinks and creams haha.

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